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[captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] meredith: thank you, guys. hello, everybody, and welcome to "millionaire." back with me today a stay-at-home mom who studied for this show with the help of her 6-year-old son, and it sure has paid off as she hase welcome from new york city tammy austin. so pretty. >> thank you. [kiss] meredith: good to see you. all right, tammy, we discovered yesterday that your son is a fan
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of this show, he's been helping you prepare, that you are also a risk taker... >> apparently. meredith: not afraid to make some guesses. well, they certainly paid off. >> they did yesterday. meredith: but at what point do you think, "i probably won't be risky" at some point in this game? >> well...usually my line is that if it doesn't take a lot of preparation or endurance or training, i'll do it. meredith: uh-huh. >> i've been kind of training for this one by collecting useless knowledge for a long time. meredith: ha ha! >> we'll see, you know? it's ok. it's actually not useless anymore. meredith: and i know you can use the money. it's been flooding in your apartment recently, so... >> yes. we had 4 feet of water in my apartment yesterday. meredith: oh, my god. >> so i had no hot water this morning. so i'm here. it's a nice day to be on tv when you can't take a shower. meredith: oh! >> ha ha! meredith: that explains it. no, no. i'm only kidding. i'm teasing. >> i apologize right now. meredith: you smell wonderful. and you look great. you look like a million bucks, and you're on your way. still taking on round 1. banked $56,000 so far.
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8 away from the million, and you have 2 lifelines remaining. great position to be in. are you ready? >> i'm ready. meredith: audience, are you ready? audience: yeah! meredith: then let's play "millionaire." all right, tammy, first question. what was the name of the group formed to protest the salvation army's war against alcohol in the 1800s? demon army, dark army, satan's army, skeleton army? >> oh. ok. the group formed to protest against alcohol. i think i'm gonna jump this question. i have a vague inkling, but i'm not-- meredith: ok. >> let's jump it. meredith: we will jump it. but what was your idea? >> probably satan's army 'cause it was tied up in a lot of the christian temperance movement. meredith: ok, let's see the correct answer. good thing you jumped it.
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skeleton army. very good that you jumped this one. it's not gonna be worth that much money anyway. how much is behind it? you jumped over 3,000. that's ok. you would have gotten it wrong had you guessed. >> exactly. i can lose 3,000 or all of it. meredith: that's exactly right. you still got 56,000 in the bank, and jumping over that question puts you just 7 away from the million. hollywood hypocrites is your next category. after saying "you don't want to read a novel by steve martin" in a 1998 interview, steve martin wrote a 2010 novel titled what? the hottest state, outside in, an object of beauty, the best awful? >> ok, i knew a steve martin book, but i think it was a novella, so it's not up there. that's sad. so i am going to use my last lifeline and i'm going to poll this lovely and very
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smart audience. meredith: all right, audience, tammy needs your help. on your keypads, vote now. well, 48% believe it is the best awful. 35 say object of beauty. down from there. it's not a great... >> yeah. ha ha. i mean, even 48% i might go for. but since there's one that's 35, and i have to say i looked around the audience. i saw a lot of, like, "oh..." going on. meredith: well, here's the deal. you can go with the audience, and if they're right, you're that much closer. >> i just don't--i don't feel confident with that 35/48 split. so i think i'm gonna walk away. meredith: stop the risk taking at this point. is that a final answer? >> that is my final answer. meredith: that is your final answer. good thing you didn't go with the audience. it was an object of beauty was the right answer. you're walking away with $28,000, tammy.
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>> ok. meredith: good job. enjoy the money. and good luck with your home. >> thank you. meredith: and joining me now is mathew brown from derwood, maryland. hey, kiddo. nice to see you. all right, mathew, our last contestant, tammy, she was preparing for the show, getting advice from her little boy, how to play it. i understand you get advice from your mom. >> i did. meredith: what did she say to you? >> she said to stop acting like you know it all and come out there and prove it. meredith: oh. ok, well, here you are, then. all right, well, you've got your job cut out for you. >> yeah. i'm ready. meredith: let's see the money in your round 1. ok, computer, please randomize the money. that's all hidden. now here are the categories to your questions. and computer, please randomize the questions. and now that everything is all shuffled, are you ready? >> i'm ready.
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meredith: then let's play "millionaire." ok, mathew, which of these critter-centric films does not feature animals that talk? dr. dolittle, mr. popper's penguins, zookeeper, alvin and the chipmunks? >> i know alvin and the chipmunks talk...and sing... and sing and sing. in zookeeper they talk. do they talk in dr. dolittle? they do. i remember them talking to eddie murphy in dr. doolittle. so i'm gonna go with b, mr. popper's penguins, final answer. meredith: nice way to start. it is mr. popper's penguins. let's start building up your bank, ok? let's see how much money is behind this question. we're gonna start you off with 10,000. that feels good. 13 away from a
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million. dress sharp. ironically, which of these was created in 1860 to be worn at informal dinner parties? suspenders, khakis, tuxedo, shorts? >> well, ironically is leading me to think it's gonna be the most fancy thing up there. i'm gonna go with c, tuxedo, final answer. >> that was the clue, absolutely. tuxedo. hey, you let already banked 10,000. let's put some more money in your bank. we're gonna add another 2,000. $12,000 and 12 away from a million. this land is your land is the category. labeling over 16 million square miles, who is the namesake of the most amount of land on earth? amerigo vespucci, vitus bering, queen victoria, christopher columbus?
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>> well, i know...the americas, north and south america, are from amerigo vespucci. that's pretty big. but then you have all those- all those--colombia. but i think i'm gonna go with the 2 big continents. i'm gonna go amerigo vespucci, a, final answer. meredith: you are absolutely right.g continents blow everybody else out of the water right there. let's see how much money is behind this question. another $500. $12,500. we are gonna be back with more "millionaire" right after this. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke.
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and a powerful gel to finish off the rest, baby. liquid plumr double impact.
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we are back with mathew brown from derwood, maryland. his mom is probably smiling as she's watching. you're doing-- are you feeling ok? >> i'm feeling really good. meredith: yeah, you seem confident. don't seem nervous. >> well, i'm doing my best. meredith: well, you're looking good, mathew, and i want to introduce your girlfriend, erica, in the audience, too. nice to see you, erica. >> hi. meredith: all right, kiddo, the recap is that 12,500 in your bank, 11 away from a million. you still have all of your lifelines. ready to keep playing? >> i'm ready. meredith: then let's play. what word for a garden tool can also be used to describe an immoral, pleasure-seeking man? pitchfork, rake, tiller, pruner? >> ha. whew. the answer is b, rake, final
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answer. meredith: yes, it is rake. short for rakehell actually. let's see how much money is behind this question. we're gonna add another 100 to your bank. 12,600. 6 away from round 2, and at that point, you keep all the money in your bank. >> whew. meredith: important cities is your next category. what u.s. state has the most populous capital? arizona, massachusetts, texas, georgia? >> i am struggling on this one. i'm going back and forth between a couple answers. whew. oh, man. i'm trying to remember state capitals now, and i'm drawing a blank up here. uh...i think i'm gonna ask the audience on this one. meredith: no problem. audience,
1:54 am
mathew needs your help. on your keypads, vote now. 40% say georgia, massachusetts with 28, texas 22. i don't know. what were you--you said you were kind of torn. >> i was going back and forth between...between massachusetts and georgia. i think i need to skip it. i need to stay in the game. i think i need to skip the question. i'm gonna jump. meredith: we're gonna jump this question. it is out of play. let's see if georgia was the right answer. it was not. it was arizona. phoenix, arizona. >> wow. meredith: wow. >> wow. meredith: pretty much stumped everybody here. it's a good thing that you did jump it. >> yeah. meredith: let's hope you didn't jump a lot of money, but jump over a lot of money. let's see. oh, not bad. 1,000. the big money still up on the board, and by jumping that question, it was
1:55 am
the right thing for you to do. you are this much closer to a million. now just 9 questions away. in late 1773, a fateful handbill posted around boston referred to what beverage as "that worst of plagues"? >> whew. meredith: beer, coffee, rum, tea? a fateful handbill posted around boston. >> fateful handbill leads me to think that this is something that had a lot more importance than just what people were drinking. i want to say-- boston is leading me to say boston tea party. 1773 is the right time for that. i'm gonna say d, tea, final answer. meredith: absolutely right. good thinking. tea is the answer. how much money is behind it? there you go! mathew brown
1:56 am
suddenly a very happy guy. $37,600. go give your girlfriend a big hug. welcome back to "millionaire." mathew brown from derwood, maryland, playing a great game here. 37,600 in his bank. there's a lot of good money still to be had up on the money board. how are you doing? >> i'm doing really well, i think. meredith: yeah. very good that you jumped over that question, you know. i know that's often hard to do, but it was the right
1:57 am
move to make. you got the next one right for $25,000. now just 8 away from the million, 4 away from round 2. at that point, you keep all the money in your bank. you ready to keep playing? >> i'm ready. meredith: let's play. many wondered if an episode of "seinfeld" inspired david and victoria beckham to give their daughter harper what middle name? breeze, pickle, seven, velvet? "seinfeld" fan? >> i am, and i can picture george costanza-- [wolf whistle]-- saying that...for number seven. c, seven, final answer. meredith: remember it well. absolutely right. ok, let's add some more money into the bank here. could it be the 15,000 perhaps? 7,000. $46,600, 3 questions now from round 2. what
1:58 am
legendary performer was technically a "one-hit wonder" with just one song cracking the top 20 on the u.s. charts? james brown, jimi hendrix, johnny cash, marvin gaye? >> wow. wow. i can't believe any of those names would just be a one-hit wonder. ahh... marvin gaye has several great songs. i can't imagine that only 1 of those would only make it-- would make the top 20. jimi hendrix had a number of great songs. boy, how many johnny cash songs would make it up there? "folsom prison blues" and "walk the line" and "ring of fire." but he was more country...more.. . maybe it's not gonna make it up the whole charts, but i got too many good answers. i need to
1:59 am
skip the question. i need to use my jump. meredith: gonna jump it? >> yeah. meredith: ok. you don't have to answer the question. let's see what the right answer. jimi hendrix. song was "all along the watchtower." >> wow. number 20 on the charts. let's see what you jumped over. >> [whistles] meredith: 3,000. ok. that 15,000 is still up there, and by jumping the question, you're now 6 away from the million, 2 questions left in round 1. next. recently replanted at the 9/11 memorial plaza, the survivor tree, known for surviving the attacks on the world trade center, is what type of tree? pear, apple, peach, cherry? >> truth is i don't know and i don't have a guess. so i think i need...whew. i need to walk with my bank. i don't know.
2:00 am
meredith: is that a final? >> that's my final. i'm walking away. meredith: ok, mathew, it is a pear tree, and it is quite a beautiful tree if you ever get the chance to go down there. >> i wish i could have asked these guys. i betcha they know. meredith: but you know what? you're walking with $22,300. >> that's great. meredith: that's great. congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. meredith: thank you. we're gonna go to commercial break. we'll be
2:01 am
here is your "millionaire" question of the day. michael jackson's autobiography "moonwalk" was edited and featured a forward by which of these celebrities? stay tuned for that answer when we come back.
2:02 am
welcome back. the answer to the "millionaire" question of the day is jacqueline kennedy. well, we are almost out of time, so instead of starting a new game, we're gonna give one of our audience members a shot at winning $1,000. and today's lucky audience member is... anton spivak from new york, new york. >> hello! meredith: hi. how are you? nice to meet you. here's your mic. >> thank you, meredith. meredith: well, you're a happy guy, anton? >> ha ha! meredith: tell us a little bit about you. >> my name is anton spivak. meredith: spivak. i'm sorry. i said... >> i'm an actor and writer in new york city, and i'm planning to go back to school next spring
2:03 am
and complete a master's degree, possibly a ph.d in mathematics. meredith: wow. interesting. now, you said you're an actor and a writer. would i have seen you in anything? >> well, i--one of my most recent gigs has been in a series of 1-act plays about cannibalism. it was done last year. meredith: cannibalism? >> yes. meredith: are you the cannibal or-- >> no. i played a tooth fairy turned grim reaper. meredith: oh. wow. that career's just going. >> it was called "this tastes funny." the portion i was in was called "mother--love her or ate her." meredith: ok, anton, i've heard enough. ha ha! let me--let's talk about the game. anton, you're a cute guy. you're a very cute guy. i'm gonna tell you how this is gonna work, ok? you're gonna face the next question that mathew would have faced if he had not walked, and if you get it right, you will win $1,000, ok?
2:04 am
>> ok. meredith: get it? >> yes, i do. meredith: ok, so are you ready? >> yes, i am. meredith: audience, are you ready? audience: yeah! meredith: let's play "millionaire." all right, anton, here we go. for $1,000 here. the louisville slugger museum & factory boasts that it is home to the "world's largest" what? tennis racket, golf club,ll batk baseball bat, hockey stick? >> well, to be honest, i was thinking along the lines of a croquet mallet, but i'll go with baseball bat. meredith: final? >> final answer. meredith: i'm gonna hit you with one, but yes, you got it right. you got $1,000! all right, anton! nicely done. you also get the wi game, "millionaire" game. congratulations. >> i'll have to buy an nintendo wi now. meredith: well, you have the money. you have $1,000.
2:05 am
>> yes. meredith: want to say good-bye to our audience at home as well? >> bye, audience at home! meredith: bye, folks. >> keep watching "millionaire"! meredith: see you next time. co[ man ] when you want to give your immune system some support try airborne! with zinc, echinacea, ginger and a blast of vitamin c. airborne. real immune support. announcer: closed captioning sponsored by... [ whistle blows ] hi victor! mom? i know you got to go in a minute but this is a real quick meal, that's perfect for two! campbell's chunky beef with country vegetables, poured over rice! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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[captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] y closed captioning services, inc. this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants-- he teaches at a school whose history goes back to a 1-room log cabin built in 1846. from chesterfield, missouri, please welcome... she is in her lucky 13th year of teaching. from appleton, wisconsin, here is...
2:07 am
and he says he keeps his spirit young by spending time with his students. from bethesda, maryland, say hi to... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. we start today with congratulations, of course, to monica thieu, who yesterday became this year's college champion. today, and for the next two weeks, i'm back in school, surrounded by teachers. but am i going to be a student or will i be a principal lording it over them? john, elissa, and patrick, welcome aboard. good luck. here comes the first round, the jeopardy! round, and here are the categories... which premieres this upcoming monday...
2:08 am
in quotation marnotice "p-e-r" in quotation marks... perfect 10 of course. john, you start. cohave party like it's 1899 for $200, please? what is the spanish-american war? uh, party like it's 1899 for $400, please. what is radioactive? uh, 1899 for $600, please. what is .38? uh, 1899 for $800, please. and that would be the hague. john, back to you. uh, 1899 for $1,000, please. what are the philippines? i'll take skyscraper city for $200, please.
2:09 am
what is kuala lumpur? no. elissa or patrick? it's honolulu. patrick, back to you. uh, how about "pct for $200, please. what is perjury? "per"-fect for $400. what is perception? "per"-fect for $600. what is persimmon? "per"-fect for $800. what is perforated? uh, "per"-fect for $1,000, please. some pushed this soldier as a presidential possibility in 1920. who is pershing? john j. pershing. uh, could i have 10 for $200, please?
2:10 am
what is exodus? uh, 10 for $400, please. what is canada? uh, 10 for $600, please. what is discus, shot put, and javelin? uh, 10 f0, please. what is heaven? and that takes you to $2,800. you're just a shade off the lead enjoyed by patrick right now, but it's very early. we're gonna take our first break. back to you in a moment after this. good luck, mr. botti. go, landon! go, bears! whoo!
2:11 am
od luck on "jeopardy!'s" teachers tournament, good luck, mr. botti. mr. quinn! ah, the students are behind patrick quinn. you would expect somebody with a name like patrick quinn to be a german teacher. how long have you been doing that? uh, this is my seventh year. you obviously enjoy it. how did you get into teaching german? uh, my grandfather spent a lot of time telling me to "hurry up, idiot" in german, and that kind of-- it piqued my interest. (laughs) that's a good thing to know. elissa hoffman is from appleton, wisconsin. '?
2:12 am
well, it happened in 1992, before i was teaching there, but the seniors that year decided to paint the roof of our round school building withmiley face, and it was visible from 40,000 feet, so it was there for the first internet map pictures. got a lot of notoriety for your school. exactly. all right. and if you win iant sis tournament, a lot more fame for your school. john botti from bethesda, maryland. eleventh grade history and english teacher who once set fire to his necktie. that sounds as if you were involved in something in chemistry lab. i was actualching the varsity basketball team, and i, uh, wore the, uh, colors of a rival school on my necktie, and to inspire the team, i pulled it off to set it afire. ah. but that was all that caught fire, right? uh, the other team did as well, but, uh... okay. you're in command of the board right now. you're a shade off the lead and you get to pick our next clue. thank you. could i have skyscraper city for $400, please?
2:13 am
what is chicago? skyscraper for $600, please. and now you are in the lead. um... how about we do $600, please? all right, here is the clue... uh, what is philadelphia? philadelphia. good guess. yes. uh, city for $800, please. what is miami? skyscraper city for $1,000. what is portland? no. but you were in the right corner of the country. it's seattle. back to you, elissa. uh, 10 for $1,000. what is colorado? utah is the other. emmy winner's for $200, please.
2:14 am
what is "friends"? uh, emmy winner'sfor $400, . what is "cheers"? uh, emmy winner's for $600, please. what is "boston legal"? uh, emmy for $800, please. what is "moonlighting"? uh, emmy winner's for $1,000, please. what is "will & grace"? uh, "american experience-- clinton" for $200, please. young bill won so many honors, the hiool principal barred him from running for student body pres in this arkansas town. what is hope? no. john or patrick? what is hot springs? patrick, back to you. uh, "clinton experience" for $400, please. after setbacks, clinton's campaign roared to life in the 1992 new hampshire primary,
2:15 am
giving the candidate this nickname. what is the comeback kid? new hamps$600, please. take a look. i end tonight where it all began for me. i still believe in a place called-- what is hope? now is the time for hope. um, clinton, $800, please. here's clinton in 1993, signing the bill named for this man to his left, instituting background checks for anyone buying a firearm. who is brady? s brady. and now the last clue... clinton added clauses to protect american workers, greasing congressional ratification of this international agreement. what is n.a.f.t.a.? another $1,000 for you and you're now in the lead by $1,000 over john. and elissa is going firsin doub! after the break.
2:16 am
good luck on "jeopardy!," mrs. hoffman. t (cheering) (laughs) closed captioning sponsored in part by...
2:17 am
kids at appleton high are excited because elissa is going first in this double jeopardy! round. here are the categories for you... where do we start, elissa? the amazon for $400. what is a rain forest? amazon f0, please. or $80 what is an island?rest? uh, rock documentaries for $400, please.
2:18 am
who are the sex pistols? uh, rock documentaries for $1,600, please. what is the band? uh, rock documentaries for $2,000, please. who is david byrne? uh, rock documentaries for $1,200, please. you seem to feel very comfortable with this subject, and you have a big lead right now--over $5,000. $6,000, please. $6,000 it is. here is the clue... what is... "behind the wall"? no. sorry. it'called "the wall." simply "the wall." gutsy move. cost you.
2:19 am
you're now in second place. go again. $800, please, rock document's who is chuck berry? ries.uh, tales of adventure, $400, please. who is thoreau? uh, tales of adventure for $800, please. that new city would be new orleans. patrick. uh, tales of adventure for $1,200, please. what is the "titanic"? tales of adventure for $1,600. i'm sure you remember the--patrick.
2:20 am
what is "born free"? i was gonna say i'm sure you remember the filn free." um, colorful lang-- for $200--$400, please. what is a redeye? uh, colorful language for $800, please. what is white collar? uh, colorful for $1,200, please. what is a bluebird? uh, colorful lang-language for $1,600, please. what is purple prose? uh, colorful for $2,000, please. what is the golden hour? the amazon for $1,200.
2:21 am
what is a rubber tree? think of manaus. the amazon for $1,600. whoa! whoa, indeed. you're in third place. oh, my gosh. you trail john by $3,600. i'm gonna go with $2,000. $2,000. all right. here is the clue.... what is a manatee? (john) good job. $8,200. amaz $2,000, please. similar to hemp, an important amazon crop is this plant illustrated here, whose fibers are spun into gunnysacks. what is burlap? no. that is jute. back to you, elissa. coca-cola for $400.
2:22 am
what is peru? uh, coca-cola products, $800, please. what is aquarius? uh, coca-cola for $1,200, please. what is tea? uh, coca-cola for $1,600, please. what is samurai? uh, coca-cola for $2please. and that is fanta. fanta. you all knew that. you were afraid to ring in. john. yes. uh, benjamins for $400, please.
2:23 am
who is benjamin spock? uh, benjamins for $800, please. who is benjamin franklin? uh, benjamins for $1,200, please. uh, who is harrison? uh, benjamins for $1,600, please. and that would be benjamin disraeli. two clues left, john. uh, $2,000 for benjamins, please. who is benjamin britten? and now the last clue in tales of adventure... and once again, i can say i bet you saw the movie--
2:24 am
"papillon." "papillon." all right, elissa, $8,200, patrick, $11,600, john, $13,400. remember, the winner goes on to play as a semi-finalist and there are those four wild card spots for the high scorers among nonwinners. here's the final jeopardy! subject-- u.s. states. we'll reveal the clue when we come back after this. how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great th. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ to enjoy all of these years. ♪ diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes!
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one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
2:26 am
just to show that, uh, we show no favoritism, the prize money for the teachers is the same as for the c students. $100,000 for first place, $50,000 for second, $25,000 guaranteed for third place. the categoryollegeinal jeopardy! now is u.s. states, and here comes the clue, players... 30 seconds for you. good luck. ♪
2:27 am
this is a great final. you could approach it in one of two ways-- geographically or scholastically. we're coming to you first, el you had $8,200. what did you come up with as your response? what is connecticut? what is connecticut? you got rhode island, delaware, then connecticut and you have harvard, issa.iam & mary, and yale. so you are correct and you're adding $3,500, taking up to $11,700, a shade ahead of patrick quinn. did he come up with connecticut? nodding. he did. and did he risk a lot of money? yeah, he did. that takes him right up there to $20,001
2:28 am
as we come now to john botti who was leading. connecticut is what we're looking for, anicked new hampshire instead. how much did he lose? $3,000 only. leaving him with $10,400, but making patrick quinn our first semi-finalist. congratulations. and those other scores are pretty good. who knows about those wild card spots? we have our second quarter-final match tomorrow. please join us then. so long, everybody. we have our second quarter-final match tomorrow. promotional consideration provided by...
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2:30 am
human side of the president. we see the stoic guy behind the podium. it's nice to see the president kick a little game. >> we're not going to tell you who he is yet, but he had some good game. you'll see.
2:31 am
but first, we want to get to this. a light at the end of the tunnel for the crippled cruise ship, "triumph." tugboats are towing it to shore as we speak. it's set to arrive in mobile, alabama later on today. >> more than 4,000 passengers and crew members have been living a nightmare since sunday when a fire knocked out all the power to the ship. abc's matt gutman has the very latest. >> reporter: we saw first hand the crippled "triumph" from the air. >> we're about 129 miles off the coast. >> reporter: so they have a ways to go. >> yes. >> reporter: limping towards land. there on the deck, some of the 4sengard, more than half of the time spent without power and limited sanitation. a far cry from the vacations passengers like ann bar her text, a chronicle of misery. three days after fire kills the engines, she reassures her fy. we're all fin a tugboat is coming we don'tl b just 24 hours later, there's sewer running down the walls and
2:32 am
the floors. she wrote they are not fine. elderly and handicap are struggling. other passengers texting about subsisting on cucumber and onion sandwiches. also on board, 12-year-old rebecca. her mom worried sick, driving through the night to be here. >> my baby is on there, and i don't know that she's okay. and she was scared. she was hysterically crying, mommy, i'm so scared. >> reporter: back on land, a photo of the ceo of carnival at the miami heat game is igniting the internet. carnival says 3,000 staff are working the issue, but the cruise line refused to muster a single one of them for an on-camera interview. tugboats will nudge the "triumph" into this cruise ship terminal here. and the thousands of passengers will go through that bridge and be triaged by emts. and then be bused to new orleans where there are 1500 rooms waiting. and carnival will increase the
2:33 am
compensation to the passengers by $500. matt gutman, abc news, mobile, alabama. there's big business news this morning. after a year-long courtship, american airlines and us airways have agreed to join forces. to become the biggest airline in the country. details of the merger will be announced today. we know that the new company will use the american name and the u.s. airways ceo. it could have 94,000 employees, 6500 daily flights. and eight major hubs. but the merger must be approved by american's bankruptcy judge and the justice department. there's some good news and bad news to all of this. experts say you can still buy a ticket from either one of the airlines, which is good to know, but the fares may go up. that's going to upset some people. >> when do fares not -- there's always a reason for the fares to go up. if it's not the fares, then the fees for stuff on board, the baggage. it's all crazy. the deal still needs to be approved by a judge. so it's not done just yet. but in all likelihood this is a done deal. but apparently, these mergers -- we have seen these airlines come together.
2:34 am
it's helped make some of the airlines more profitable and they can use that money to reinvest which is why you get better bells and whistles kind of stuff. like the little tv screens -- which i think are the most brilliant thing -- in the back of the chair. and also wi-fi. so they make various investments when these mergers turn out to be fiscally wise things. >> but the reason everybody gets upset when they make money is because we're going to pay more for our tickets but you're making more money. that makes no sense. and you're charging $50 for my bag and i didn't have to pay for a bag before. i don't like it. >> as long as the flight takes off and arrives relatively on time, i'm happy. >> relatively on time. >> relatively. >> you're not very demanding. good to know on this valentine's day. >> well said. we have some new details now to a serious news story. the final hours of christopher dorner's life. while there's been no positive identification just yet, all signs indicate that dorner did die inside that burning cabin. the county sheriff says deputies lobbed pyrotechnic tear gas into that cabin but did not
2:35 am
intentionally set it on fire. among the last people to see dorner alive were the couple who found him holed up right there in their resort. >> he spoke with us. he tried to calm us down. >> yeah, we -- when he jumped out and hollered stay calm, karen screamed and started running and he ran after her. >> you can imagine that moment for them. jim and karen reynolds say they thought they were dead when they came face to face with dorner. they were tied up but not harmed. eventually, one of them managed to escape and call 911. the trial is under way for a young massachusetts man charged with killing his ex-girlfriend just weeks after they both graduated from high school. prosecutors say that in july of 2011, he stabbed and strangled loren asley and dumped her body in a marsh. lawyers say he was suffering from a depressive disorder at the time, devastated by their breakup. fujita is facing life in prison
2:36 am
without parole if convicted. president obama is on the road today trying to sell some of his state of the union proposals. the president visits an early learning classroom near atlanta to make the case for universal pre-k. and he'll speak at a community recreation center before returning to the white house. and if you listen to the speech, the state of the union on tuesday, he laid out a lot of initiatives. >> oh, yes. >> and typically those addresses are a laundry list of ideas. for the term. but the republican response, obviously, a fair question. the response is, okay, you've laid out all these things you want. how in the middle of these record deficits do we pay for them? both sides were short on details. >> but the president did come out and when he laid out this laundry list of things, he said not one of the initiatives that i'm talking about today is going to cost us an extra dime. so it's going to be interesting to see how we're going to rejigger, because there's no way
2:37 am
to create initiatives without having to pay for them, how to rejigger things in our economy and our finances and our pocketbook to actually pay for this stuff. >> and those two big deadlines, you have that march deadline for the deep cuts to defense, as well as to domestic programs. and middle of may, you have the deadline about the debt ceiling. so all these fiscal matters and you have to wonder if that's going to suck so much political oxygen out of capitol hill, what else will they be able to get done. every three months there's another fiscal crisis. >> manufactured crisis is the way president obama phrased it. california lawmakers are considering a ban against hands free texting while driving. a state senator who wants to outlaw the practice says voice-controlled texting behind the wheel is just as dangerous as typing out the letters. a recent study found hands-free texting demands longer glances away from the road. the first hearing on this bill is expected in the spring. a new zealand coroner says a
2:38 am
two gallon a day coca cola habit was a substantial factor in the death of a 31-year-old woman. natasha harris was a mother of eight who died suddenly three years ago. the coroner found that her death was caused by a heart attack which he says was brought on by excessive consumption of coke. coca-cola disputes the findings, saying her overall health and lifestyle were also to blame. just think about that, obviously loaded with sugar, caffeine, which jacks up your blood pressure. >> her heart exploded. >> gallons and gallons, are you kidding me? >> 31 years old, 8 children, 10 liters of coca cola a day? that's five of those things. >> are you kidding me? >> i don't drink ten liters of anything on a given day. she obviously wasn't eating. she was freezing the coca cola, popping those in for breakfast, then she was washing it down with coca cola. >> we've got some more
2:39 am
questions. obviously, an underlying health issue in that case. that level of caffeine and shoeinger in your body? and eight kids. >> that's too bad. here's a look at your valentine's day weather. a pleasant day on the east coast. south florida could see some thunderstorms. atlanta and new orleans dry out after four days of rain. pittsburgh could see snow showers by dinnertime. >> new ordryi warof1& st nea ha. mild bo the usual high just about 30. and now to a beautiful story on this valentine's day about a florida couple who just couldn't be more compatle. >> just months after getting married, melissa jones gave her husband a gift he will never, ever ft a kidney that would save his the newlyweds just happened to be a perfect match in more ways than one. >> we couldn't continue to date if he wasn't going to live. >> to be perfectly healthy, and elect to have surgery, it shows
2:40 am
the love and true compassion that one person can really have. and it will take me a lifetime of resip row occasion to duplicate this. >> just think about this, what is the very best gift you ever, ever, ever, ever given jenny? it doesn't compare. >> it does not compare to that. the couple could be discharged from the hospital today to spend valentine's day at home and look forward to the honeymoon they had to put off. that is a very cool valentine's day. there are gifts, then there are gifts. >> that's amazing. >> the gift of life, can't beat that one. but you, a lifetime of paying back, resip row cation. yes. >> that's for sure. well, the countdown is on here at abc. we're all eagerly awaiting the return of our good friend, robin roberts, set to be back on the "gma" anchor desk in six days. >> take a look at robin now, as radiant as ever, gracing the cover of "people" magazine. robin opened up about her recovery from a bone marrow transplant, saying there were times when she literally felt
2:41 am
like she wasn't going to make it. >> you see her in her test run at "gma," robin looks amazing. he said she's feeling stronger every day. >> we'll see you on the 20th, girlfriend. looking good. coming up, pope benedict's final public mass. how he looked and how his congregation said goodbye. chances are you're spending too much on your smartph we'll to ge same service for hundres. you're watch ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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ahh ! mmm ! ahh ! finally, there's cepacol sensations. serious sore throat medicine, seriously great taste. plus the medicine lasts long after the lozenge is gone. ahh ! mmm ! cepacol sensations. pope benedict's nearly eight-year reign ends two weeks from today. >> yesterday he had his first appearance since the resignation and abc's nick schifrin reports from the vatican.
2:45 am
>> reporter: hey, rob, hey, diana. it's the beginning of the most solemn season on the christian calendar and pope benedict's long-time assistant told him and the entire ash wednesday audience that there's a veil of sadness in our hearts. pope benedict opened a 40-day period of humility. having sent his own humble and revolutionary message. no one is irreplaceable, even a pope. as i prepare to conclude, he says, i ask for special remembrance in your prayer. the 85-year-old looked frail, leading his final major mass in st. peters basilica. some recorded the moment on ipads, and the massive audience gave him a rare standing ovation. the pontiff looking moved. outside, we found the audience had been moved, as well. do you get the sense that people inside felt like they were saying goodbye to the pope? >> yes, very much so. i felt like that. when he left the altar and he was blessing everybody, we knew that would really be for the
2:46 am
last time. and that makes you very emotional. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. how often can you say you went to the vatican for ash wednesday, especially when it's the pope's last one? >> reporter: earlier he explained why he retired, admitting the papacy is a job and he could no longer perform it. i did this in full liberty, he said in italian, for the good of the church. and that church thanked him. the first time that followers could say goodbye to a living pope in 600 years. a bittersweet moment as the world listens to the final words of the man who spent his entire life as priest, cardinal and pope, preaching and teaching. rob, diana? and coming up next, savings on your cell phone bill. >> stay right there. on your cell phone bill. >> stay right there. >> announcer: "world news now"
2:47 am
earlier this month, abc news helped viewers save roughly $2.5
2:48 am
million on their cell phone bills. >> my former co-anchor paula faris is back with great new tips on ways you can save even more money. >> hi. >> hey, daddy. >> reporter: remember the berry family in massachusetts? divorced dad phil, daughters reagan and ava, who depend on their cell phones to stay in touch. >> i love you. >> love you too, dad. >> reporter: we showed phil how to save big on his monthly bill by switching to a family plan and applying his corporate discount. >> holy mama. >> reporter: nearly $1400 a year. and after our real money story aired, thousands of families around the country found other ways to save. >> we ended up saving about $80 a month. >> it estimated we would save about $30 per month. >> reporter: we told you about a simple, safe, and free website. you log in and it fits you with the right plan. viewer response was so overwhelming, they say their website temporarily crashed. 40,000 new users across america finding $2.5 million in potential savings.
2:49 am
texas mom cynthia found out she's overspending big time. by changing her family's cell plan, her family will save almost $1,000 a year. >> who would have thought $1,000? that's a huge amount of honey. >> reporter: our insider says you might want to skip the carrier's insurance, which can add up to $120 a year per phone, and may not be very convenient. >> you've got to wait for the phone to come in the mail. it's usually a refurbished one. >> reporter: instead, he says consider other programs like apple care or third party insurance. our viewers even weighing in. >> hi, this is callie from atlanta. >> reporter: she says use wi-fi when you're at home or work. it will cut back on data. >> i started turning off my data when i get home, so i'm only using the wireless connection. >> reporter: and what is phil doing with his savings? we checked in on facetime. >> look at this guy. >> reporter: really? and fun to him on the beach. >> you saved me some money so i figured i would take a vacation. >> reporter: our insider who worked for the big carrier for a
2:50 am
substantial period of time said any fee is negotiable. so talk to your carrier before you pay that upgrade or activation fee. if you are upgrading, make sure you negotiate by reminding your carrier how much money you spend each year. rob and diana? >> paula, thank you for that. that's good information. >> yeah. in this day and age, save any way you can. not bad. >> some important valentine's day information is coming up next for you. >> stay right there. way you can. >> some important valentine's day information is coming up next for you. >> stay right there. we were so blessed when we had triplets
2:51 am
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may increase these risks. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. intermezzo, like most sleep medicines, has some risk of dependency. common side effects are headache, nausea, and fatigue. so if you suffer from middle-of-the-night insomnia, ask your doctor about intermezzo and return to sleep again. ♪ ♪ at last my love has come along ♪ >> oh, etta. >> i feel it. feel it! thank you, etta james. love songs and love letters. to mark this valentine's day. at the university of texas, there's an entire collection of nearly 100 love letters written
2:54 am
between president lyndon johnson and lady bird. and it all goes on display today. the letters show the two-month dialogue during their entire courtship. >> in the letters, a then 26-year-old johnson asked her to marry him the day after they met. she wrote back she loved him but didn't know how everlastingly. he wrote, you are the greatest girl in the world. tell me how you feel. give me some reassurance. and from her, a sweet note saying good night and many kisses to the one i love most. the couple would marry just ten weeks after their courtship began. >> that is absolutely beautiful. >> wow, man. >> and on this valentine's day, we want to give you some fun facts about valentine's day. here it is by the numbers. on average, 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold for valentine's day each year. >> a timeless classic. sales equal about $1 billion worth of chocolate. >> a lot of chocolate. >> a lot of chocolate. >> approximately 110 million roses, most of them red, will be sold and delivered on this valentine's day.
2:55 am
>> 6 million folks in the u.s. are planning or expecting to get a marriage proposal today. >> average estimated cost of an engagement ring in 2013 is $2,410. i have a hard time believing that. >> that seems low. but whatever. >> let's not do walmart. >> it's the love that counts. 62% of couples will utilize some form of technology to share valentine's day messages. >> 30% of women in relationships think the holiday is overrated. i don't agree with that. >> i know. mm-hmm. >> i like the pageantry. >> there were just shy of 1 million divorces in 2012. not to put a damper on this day. >> i don't want to end on that. >> you know what, strim sometimes, you have to realize the love is over. >> in west virginia, in valentine's day spirit, there were no flowers, no chocolate for this family. but how about this? a pink cow. matt mcclain decided he wanted to do something a little different and he succeeded.
2:56 am
>> he pulled out his paint brush and went to town on smoky. the cow did not seem to find. no telling if the other cows in the pasture were green with envy. the farm owner painted his cow for his 5-year-old daughter who likes pink. she later revealed she meant pink the singer, not the color. >> oh. >> oh. >> strawberry milk all day and all night from that cow. >> that cow is like, this is some bull. @ññcñ?xús1@ú?
2:57 am
2:58 am
this morning on "world news now" -- in fear for their lives. the couple taken hostage by christopher dorner speaks out, revealing 15 minutes of terror. >> tied up and held at gunpoint. they say he told them they were a means to an end. it's thursday, february 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> happy valentine's day to you. i'm diana perez. >> looking good in red on this,
2:59 am
may i say, in the holiday spirit, always like to see that. >> thank you. >> i am not, i forgot. >> that's okay. >> not a good sign for the night. good morning again, everybody. i'm rob nelson. imagine being held at gunpoint. by man who has already killed four people but you're told you'll be okay. that's what this couple went through. you can imagine, they were scared for their lives for several seconds. >> not knowing what's going to happen. let's take a look at some other stories that are happening on this valentine's day morning. a megamerger. american airlines and u.s. airways set to close a deal that would make them the largest airline. president obama is looking for a pay raise for some people. how much difference could it possibly make. a look at what the minimum wage hike could mean for workers. >> both sides of the aisle stirred up on that issue, not surprisingly. cooking up something special on valentine's day. one of new york's top chefs
3:00 am
teaches me to make a meal to remember. it's a very romantic edition of "insomniac kitchen." we were eating good. >> and drinking good. i saw you. i saw you. >> get from new orleans. certain things are automatic. >> in your blood. literally. first, we want to get to this. we're hearing from some of the last people to see christopher dorner alive. >> jim and karen reynolds own an inn where dorner had been hiding is out since saturday. when they entered his room, they knew it was dorner, and then they feared for their lives. they feared their lives had come to an end, face to face with that man. he had been on the run for a week. fortunately, that couple, they were never harmed. >> he talked to us. trying to calm us down. and saying very frequently, he would not kill us. and that's exactly how he had said that. he told us about the man in the boat in san diego. >> said he didn't kill him. he wasn't going to kill us.
3:01 am
>> yeah, he said it was a means to the end with that man. that's what he needs from us. he needs transportation out of big bear. >> frightening moments. the deputy sheriff dorner is accused of killing is jeremiah mckay. he had been with the department for 15 years. he leaves behind a wife, a 7-year-old daughter and a 4-month-old son. >> thank god the terror is over. another story today, a merger to reshape the airlines industry. it's impacting millions of travelers. >> later today, american airlines and u.s. airways are expected to make it official. announcing they'll combine the companies to create the biggest airline in the world. american airlines' newly unveiled paint job is still facing mixed reviews. as is today's likely announcement that it will merge with u.s. airways.
3:02 am
execs from both companies will announce the merger in dallas this morning. then will break the news in person to employees. here in tulsa, the stamg ge is up. >> our best goal going forward is to make it the biggest airline in the country. >> reporter: it will be american airlines, based in texas, but run by the u.s. airways management. on twitter overnight, outrage. and questions about how it will impact travelers, especially frequent flyers. experts say it's still safe to buy a ticket from either airline. it will take months to combine operations. frequent flyer miles from both airlines will be honored by the new carrier. the bad news? fares will go up on some routes. the deal has to be approved by a bankruptcy judge in new york. passengers on board the cruise ship "triumph" will be on solid ground today. tug boats are hauling the tripled ship to mobile, alabama. the 4,000 people have been drifted in the gulf of mexico.
3:03 am
texts from those on board describe long lines for cucumber sandwiches and a deplorable lack of sanitation. >> they're going to mobile, alabama. then they have to hop on a bus to new orleans, which is about a two-hour bus ride. i think some of the city officials of mobile are like, hey, why not pick some of our hotels here? give these people immediate relief by finding some holiday inn in mobile, getting a shower, hot meal, rest up, call loved ones. as opposed to getting off the ship, funky, dirty, ticked off. disgusting. >> get on a bus. >> for two hours? >> that's not going to work. >> maybe there's an intermediary plan that we don't know about. i think the folks in mobile are like, hey, we're a functions city. >> what about us? >> maybe things will change. >> interesting things. by the way, they're getting the refund back, being offered another cruise, if you want it, and $500 for your trouble. i'm thinking that's not going to be enough.
3:04 am
talk to our lawyers. >> a little more green on that. >> just a little bit more. breaking news about oscar pistorius. there are reports that he shot and killed his girlfriend this morning after mistaking her for a burglar. the woman was shot in the head and arm and died on the scene. it may have been a valentine's day surprise gone terrible wrong. pistorius was the first double amputee to run in the olympics and reach the semifinals at the london games. >> heartbreaking story. >> oh, my goodness. three men arrested in newark, new jersey, after a horrifying attack on a helpless teenager. police tracked down the suspects. after a youtube video of the vicious assault went viral. the teen was forced to strip naked on a newark street right there in broad daylight and he was brutally beaten with a belt. he was targeted because his father owes the suspects 20 bucks. and so high-profile arrests outside the white house.
3:05 am
robert kennedy jr., his son, con nor, and darryl hannah were taken into custody after tying themselves to a gate. they were protesting the building of an oil pipeline. kennedy is president of the waterkeeper alliance, a new york-based environmental group. if it's cold where you are, forget about punxsutawney phil for your winter predictions. >> the real sign is when major league baseball pitchers and catchers report for spring training. the opening day is march 31st, when the houston astros host the texas rangers. the other sign of spring. college hoops, well, the dukies did not disappoint, if you're one of those low-brow duke fans in the world. they sunk the far superior team, university of north carolina. chapel hill, my alma mater. final score, 73-68.
3:06 am
>> they got whipped! >> oh, please. not whipped. 73-68. it was coach k.'s birthday last night, a little insult to injury to the boys in carolina blue. not a great season for my alma mater. we'll be back next year. congratulations, duke. >> congratulations to them. i'll be more gracious. >> duke, eh, duke. >> let's move on to the weather. seattle and portland will see rain. ski resorts in the rockies could pick up another foot of snow. detroit could see snow as well. >> warmer than usual in the center of the nation with dallas at 68. minneapolis is at -- also close with an average of 29. salt lake city, colorado springs, low 40s. a beautiful shot in the ma march issue of "vogue" magazine. >> former arizona representative gabrielle giffords and her
3:07 am
husband, mark kelly, share a tender moment. the couple talks about their work lobbying for new gun regulations. he says his wife accepts the shooting that left her injured. the magazine says the couple share a mystical connection. >> i've always felt that, kind of, watching them. you can tell when people are genuinely in love. the warmth and the caring. for the hell they've been through in the last two years, it seems like it's brought them so much closer to each other and to the cause of gun control. both of them. really, a fascinating relationship. >> a picture speaking a million words. she's laying down, he's holding her hand. that picture speaks volumes of what their relationship is like. >> absolutely. >> so supportive of her. >> nicely done, "vogue." coming up inside one of new york city's most romantic restaurants for a special valentine's day edition of "insomniac kitchen." but first, minimum wage workers could get a pay raise if
3:08 am
lawmakers pass the president's proposal. what kind of difference could it make for the average worker? we're finding out next, you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lunesta. tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste,
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. when president obama delivered the first state of the union speech of his second term,
3:12 am
he did propose a raise in the federal minimum wage. >> $9 an hour would be the new amount. abc's jonathan karl takes a look at what type of difference that would make for the average american. >> reporter: the president took his state of the union message on the road to asheville, north carolina, touting his most controversial new proposal, raising the minimum wage. >> it's time for an increase in the minimum wage, because if you work full-time, you shouldn't be in poverty. >> reporter: lucas case of anderson county, north carolina is a high school grad who couldn't afford college. he makes the minimum wage washing dishes. >> it's not fun living paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: working 30 hours a week, he earns just $217, a raise to $9 an hour would mean $52 a week more in his paycheck. what would he do with the extra money? >> be able to do more things. have a better life. >> reporter: the raise would be enough to raise some out of poverty. a full-time minimum wage worker
3:13 am
earns $14,500 a year. for a single parent with a child, that's below the poverty line. $9 an hour means an annual salary of $18,000, slightly above the poverty level. but critics say there's a big downside. raise the minimum wage and employers won't be able to hire as many workers. >> why would we want to make it harder for small employers to hire people? >> reporter: as evidence, they point to the unemployment rate among young people who are most likely to earn the minimum wage. youth unemployment went up from six years ago. it now stands at nearly 24%, much higher than the overall unemployment rate. the president faces a big uphill fight on this from congress from republicans who say that raising the minimum wage would only send the unemployment rate higher. as one senate republican told me, quote, the last thing employers need right now is to make hiring people more expensive.
3:14 am
jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. >> that's an interesting take on things, by the way. here's an interesting stat. 1.2% of college grads are paid minimum wage. you're far more likely to make only minimum wage if you only have a high school degree. and even more unemployment if you have a g.e.d. >> some people argue, get a better job. someone us has to clean the hotel room, someone always has to check you out at the walmart. someone always has to make your sandwich. you know, we have to take care of those people, whether it's health care or making sure they can get by on the basic fundamentals. so it will be interesting to see what capitol hill does. so we'll see. >> that's true. coming up next, tonight's the night. table for two at one of the city's most romantic restaurants. >> don't worry, i'm going to check it out for you first. a valentine's "insomniac kitchen" coming up next. stay with us. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from oñoññ?
3:15 am
♪ girl, you're in the kitchen, chilling in your robe ♪
3:16 am
>> putting on some clothes in the kitchen. >> suddenly i have the urge to go to the bathroom. >> not the kitchen? >> it's r. kelly. >> there's a naked lady in the kitchen. you might want to go there. for some of us, a fancy night out is a full plate of ribs at appleby's. but if that won't impress your valentine, maybe this will. >> i visited one of new york city's finest french restaurants la silhouette, where i learned you don't have to be a five-star chef to make a meal you'll remember. it is valentine's day morning. a lot of folks have big meals planned, romantic evenings. so they want to do dinner just right. >> we're making snapper. en papillote. this is a technique where we're steaming the fish inside some parchment paper and aluminum. so it really is all in one dish. >> very nice. i have no culinary skill whatsoever.
3:17 am
so walk me through it in baby steps here so i can be impressive and romantic later tonight. >> step one, we're going to get the vegetables ready and seasoned. so we have some leek, some carrot and fennel. we're going to toss this like a salad. we're going to put a little salt, pepper. quickly. we're going to sotoss some extr virgin olive oil. some scallions and celery. we're going to start the base of this papillote. we're going to season the fish. a nice bed for the fish, the vegetables. we have some thyme, lemon, and one bay leaf. you can use fresh or dry. if you're good at origami, you can do this. >> what is this method called again? >> folding. >> i've got to write that down. folding, all right. ♪
3:18 am
>> we're going to put in a little bit of dry white wine. >> now the fish is wrapped, it's slightly drunk, and we're getting close to the cooking stage. >> and i forgot my butter. but i can just toss it in there. that's that. we're going to pop it into the oven at 400 degrees. you want a really hot oven. it's going to cook for about 15 minutes. >> now the fish is in the oven, beginning to smell good. we've got to get a side dish together as well. >> white bean and kale casserole. we need an onion. we're just going to dice it. slice a little garlic. this is just winter kale. i'm just going to rough chop it. we have some bacon and we crisp it up. add the kale. >> i assume because there's kale in there you're not going to do too long. it's just a quick hit? >> this is actually going to
3:19 am
cook about, yeah, about 20 minutes. we're going to toss it in this bowl and build our casserole. sun-dried tomatoes, more crispy bacon. >> ah, yes. >> there we go. >> there we go. don't waste a piece of that bacon, please. >> and going to toss it all in. just going to lay everything in. final step is going to be making a nice little flavorful parmesan bread crumb. we have a food processer. this is just regular bread crumbs. parmesan cheese, lots of parsley and olive oil. this is going to go right on top of our beans. so we're going to pop this in the oven for about ten minutes at 350 degrees. >> the fish is cooked, the casserole is cooked. now it's time to plate this dish and serve it. the fun part of the night. >> that's right. >> that is it. this looks great. i can't imagine any significant other not being impressed with this. as you can see, all the perfect ingredients. champagne, great male, great restaurant. only one thing is missing, and
3:20 am
that's my date. i'm sure beyonce is just running a little bit late. she'll be here any minute. until then, folks, happy valentine's day. >> good food? >> very good food. i enjoyed that immensely. beyonce never showed up, but it was a fantastic restaurant and a delicious meal. >> but you do have something planned? you're good? >> i got it hooked up. don't worry about me. >> okay. >> mm-hmm. >> mm-hmm. >> mm-hmm.
3:21 am
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including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then find out how to get lunesta for as low as fifteen dollars at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. this morning on "the mix," a valentine's day edition for you. we start out with extramarital affairs. happy valentine's day. so a website, ashley madison, is apparently a married dating service for discreet encounters. compiled a list where there are the most extramarital affairs. coming in at number three, houston, texas. number two, austin, texas. and coming in at number one is
3:24 am
washington, d.c. no shocker there. lots of political cheating scandals this year, including that one of general petraeus, who, after 37 years, cheated on his wife. any way, number four was miami. i thought that was interesting. i was expecting that one to be number one. i think maybe you go to places where you don't think anybody will see you. oklahoma city was also on there. >> that's interesting about d.c., because i always consider that a conservative town. people are trying to be discreet. >> lawmakers don't have their families with them. >> the biggest cheating day is the day after valentine's day, because of women disappointed by what their men did not do on this occasion. so interesting tidbit there. and for all of you going through a bad breakup, there's a new app called kill switch. what this does is it takes out all the messy grunt work in removing all of your ex's photos, tags, wall posts, and stores them neatly in a supersecret album in your
3:25 am
facebook profiles and it unlikes all the status updates. takes all that stuff from that person, shelves it into one folder. in one sweep, you're down with so and so. kill switch. check it out if you're particularly bitter. a hilarious map has been released and it reveals some of the interesting places around the world, including tittybong, australia. climax, georgia. >> oh. >> blue ball, pennsylvania. >> that's a hard place to live. >> intercourse, pennsylvania. and coxsackie, new york. >> it's a long drive to get there. >> you've been thinking about that all night. all night he's been working on that one, boys and girls. all night long. >> that's my favorite story. also, we love these folks. awkward family photos, yes. there's a valentine's day version. let just roll these things on by. >> this is my favorite story of the night. >> man, woman, and chain saw. gotta love that. always classy. then this is my all-time favorite awkward family photo.
3:26 am
>> oh, no, not that one. >> they must have a lot of fun in that house right there. wow. man. i bet they live in one of those towns we just named. and if you're mad at your ex, just white him out. boom, all gone from the photo. and of course, your favorite overnight couple. let's end on that picture. put that one back up.ñcñk?x
3:27 am
3:28 am
this morning on "world news now" -- 15 minutes with a killer. the couple held hostage by christopher dorner says they thought they were going to die. >> now they're revealing the terrifying ordeal that eventually led to dorner's death. it's thursday, february 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and good valentine's day morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm diana perez.
3:29 am
happy valentine's day. >> and look, i didn't forget you. look at that. look at that. the best that money and an oxygen pump can buy. >> i'm a lucky girl. >> that's exactly right. actually, joanie, one of our camera operators would rival martha stewart with her party abilities. she made these for everybody on staff. look at that. >> it has a little bow in it. >> you look lovely in red. may i just say that. >> oh, thank you. >> i forgot my red tie today. >> that's okay. >> that's a token of my appreciation. >> put a balloon around your -- >> i just might. happy week and a half work marriage. >> good to be here. we're going to have those dramatic details later on. there's a news conference by the couple and the emotional farewell of one of dorner's victims. but first, a look at some of the other stories we're following for you this morning. coming home. passengers aboard that stranded cruise ship are being towed slowly, closer to shore today. this morning, we're learning more about the horrible conditions that they're being
3:30 am
forced to endure. >> you can imagine after all these days things are getting a little ripe on that ship. oh, man. i know those guys will be happy for a hot shower and a nice meal. man. also a valentine's day date set up by a professional matchmaker. we'll tag along with a couple. why they allowed us to do this i'll never know. but we did tag along to see if hiring a professional cupid really works and what singles can learn from them. we all know first dates can be awkward. so imagine a network tv crew following you along for the first date. >> not so much. >> not ideal. they're good sports. >> that's for sure. sad news for lady gaga. millions of her little monsters are hearing she's making a big announcement. as she struggles with a serious injury. we'll tell you what's wrong later on in "the skinny." before all of that, we're hearing from the southern california couple who came face to face with that suspected cop killer, christopher dorner. >> it was a terrifying few moments for karen and jim reynolds who say they were certain they would be killed. but it didn't turn out that way. here's abc's brad wheelis with the latest.
3:31 am
>> we believe that this investigation is over at this point. >> reporter: this is where the massive manhunt for ex-cop christopher dorner came to an end. >> i cannot absolutely, positively confirm it's him. >> reporter: detectives are waiting for forensics on the charred body they found in the cabin. but the manhunt is over for the 33-year-old fugitive. the married couple who own a big bear resort came upon dorner in one of their cabins. they said he tied them up and stole their car. >> he talked to us trying to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. >> he said, i don't have a problem with you. i just want to clear my name. >> reporter: pursued by police, dorner ditched that car and carjacked another. >> dorner jumped out of the snow at me, gun drawn. big long rifle. he pointed his gun at me and said, i don't want to hurt you. >> reporter: dorner got into a shootout with two fish and game wardens, hitting their vehicle but not them.
3:32 am
police say dorner did shoot two other deputies tuesday, one died. eventually, dorner fled on foot to the cabin where an intense gunfight ensued. then smoke, flames and the cabin burned down. in riverside, an emotional farewell to officer michael crane. a husband and father of two. dorner is accused of gunning him down last thursday. >> every day got better. every day we renewed our love, and i knew how much he loved me. >> reporter: the sheriff's department identified its deputy killed by gunfire as 35-year-old jeremiah mackay. he was married with a 7-year-old daughter and a 4-month-old son. brad wheelis, abc news, los angeles. >> so now the emotion coming out after we had these horrific days looking for him. going back to the couple held hostage. apparently he said he had been watching them for a couple of days and he noticed that they were hardworking people. i'm assuming that had something to do with why he didn't want to hurt him.
3:33 am
but it was all about clearing his name according to them. >> the psychology of a killer is fascinating. that he would have this violent streak in him, but then showed mercy on this couple that walked in on him that could clearly have ratted him out and he could have killed them. he just chose to tie them up, take their car and go on. so it's weird, kind of, how they operate. and how deliberately they choose who they're going the kill and who they're going to let live. that's fascinating to me. again, we talked about this yesterday. dorner was not far from -- >> he was right under their nose. >> after we get past some of the emotion and the relief this guy has been caught, there are some questions i think about the police work that this guy apparently was in that cabin since friday they think, the door was open, he wasn't far from where police were. from where the media was. it's kind of like, how did you all not check this cabin days ago and allow all this fear to continue for almost a week? >> hiding in plain sight. you have to think that this man knew their strategies. so this is probably one of the cabins that was cleared by them early on and then he went in there.
3:34 am
at this point, who knows? >> lots of questions but gratitude that it's over. >> it's over finally. >> yes. and in the other big story we've been covering this week, tug boats are hauling that crippled cruise ship, "triumph" to mobile, alabama, where it should arrive later today. more than 4,000 people stuck on board have been drifting in the gulf of mexico since sunday when a fire knocked out the electricity. passengers sending texts say the conditions are beyond disgusting, with sewage running down the walls and the floors. carnival now says it's offering each passenger an additional $500 in compensation, along with a full refund and a voucher for a future cruise. a big announcement today from the airline industry. american airlines and u.s. airways have agreed to merge into the country's largest airline. the combined company would keep the american name, but it would be run by the current ceo of u.s. airways.
3:35 am
if the deal is approved, american, united, delta and southwest would control nearly 70% of the domestic airline traffic. a showdown in the senate is looming over president obama's choice as the next secretary of defense. democratic leaders are expected to force a vote on the nomination of chuck hagel tomorrow. some republicans say they'll vote no unless the white house provides more information about the benghazi attack. however, hagel is expected to get the 60 votes needed for approval. also president obama answers questions in a google-powered fireside hangout this afternoon, two days after he delivered the big state of the union address. it will be streamed live starting at 4:50 eastern time. an ailing pope benedict celebrated his last public mass presiding over ash wednesday services at st. peters basilica. the pope was visibly moved by the thunderous applause and in his final homily, the pope warned about internal church rivalries and thanked the faithful for their support.
3:36 am
millions of christians marked the beginning of lent by getting ashes on the foreheads in observance of ash wednesday. >> and an episcopal church in western new york made it extra convenient for those with a busy schedule. drive-through ashes. yeah, you heard me right. it's actually part of a trend that started in st. louis back in 2007 and has since really taken off. ashes to go. we like nothing more in this day and age than convenience. >> i vote for drive-through confessional next. >> really? >> nice and easy. >> that line would be long. come on. >> beep beep. >> you are nasty. move along. >> oh, boy. a winner will come forward today and publicly claim a $217 million jackpot from last week's powerball drawing in virginia. until now, all anyone knew is that the ticket was bought at a self-service lottery express machine at richmond international airport.
3:37 am
and since thousands of people pass through there every day and could have been anywhere in the world. but it turns out the lucky ticket, close by all along, in the hands of a virginia couple. >> happy valentine's day to them. >> yes! >> they certainly could afford more than these balloons. that guy better not show up -- >> a trip around the world. that's what you do when you win that much money. >> that's right. after you get the lawyers and the accountants and advisers together. then, come on. >> on the private jet out the country you get that together. what? what? >> we'll probably never know. coming up, why lady gaga is being forced to cancel her entire tour. but first, finding love can be tough. but some highly trained professionals can make it easier. we'll tag along on a first date set up by a matchmaker. can you say awkward? you're watching "world news now." ♪ still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪ >> announcer: "world news now"
3:38 am
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so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. ♪ but i still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪ well, if you do not have a valentine today, there are real-life cupids who can give you a little help. >> and we have a look inside the world of professional matchmaking. abc's lana zak is here to share
3:42 am
their secrets to finding the ideal mate. you have to fill us in on this. >> reporter: yesterday, we took you inside a matchmaking school, learning all their tricks about bringing people together. and this morning we reveal the matchmaker's lessons. not only important for dating but useful for life. this is not the story of boy meets girl. it's a story of boy meets matchmaker. our boy in this love story, kevin. he's hired lisa clampett to find just the girl for him. >> somebody who is smart and generous and nice. >> reporter: a sweet guy with a single rose for tova, his blind date. >> so sweet. >> reporter: the two have never spoken, never texted. both wondering will this be a home run romance or a strikeout? but hold on, we'll get to that in a moment. on average, lisa says her clients are set up on three different dates before falling in love. but fall in love they do. in fact, modern day matchmaking is so red hot, some clients will pay tens of thousands. one reason, the personal coaching. and this love guru has some free advice for you. the alpha female.
3:43 am
>> feels like she cannot give the poor date a compliment for the life of her. >> reporter: the indecisive guy. >> he won't make the plans. he won't strike out and say, okay, this is what we're doing. >> reporter: what if he's not naturally that kind of a guy? >> you've got to at least be decisive. >> reporter: the co-dependent. >> they want immediate gratification. >> reporter: how long should someone wait after a date to get in touch with someone? >> there are no rules about that. i think it's fine to text the guy the next day and say thank you, or for the guy to say, hey, i had a great time. >> reporter: the overwhelmed. there's so many things, texting, calling, e-mailing. >> so many options. >> can you do all three? >> you can. >> is one better than another? >> so some people are major texters, some are phone call people, some are e-mailers. the problem with texting, it's so easy to shoot off a text, people start going text crazy. >> reporter: and so how did our lovebirds do? >> you looked fabulous. i loved your outfit. i think it was very appropriate. there was a point where you
3:44 am
leaned back and crossed your arms and seemed very far from her. >> i know when i did that. actually, i did do that. and when i did it, i thought, oh, my arms are crossed. i should uncross them now. >> reporter: i'm told those two may go out again as long as we don't trail them with our cameras. and you know, after spending all this time with matchmakers i feel like i almost have my cupid wings. so watch out, america. >> really? >> oh, wow. i have a terrible track record. >> not a good matchmaker at all? >> i'm banned from setting my friends up anymore. >> we have to ask you this, too, you told us in the commercial break. how you met your husband of the last 8 1/2 years. >> my husband is so lovely. we had one of those tortured friendships when both of us had our eye on the other. after a couple of years being friends, we found ourselves caught in a rainstorm and when the automatic sprinklers came on, we died laughing. and when we caught our breath, i finally said, why aren't you in love with me? and he said, what makes you think that i'm not?
3:45 am
>> oh, that's nice. >> it's the second time i've heard the story and my hairs are still standing on end. once again. that's beautiful. >> happy valentine's day. >> absolutely. >> perfect person to bring us the story that you did. thank you. >> thanks a lot. we'll be back with more right after this. stay with us. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:46 am
♪ skinny
3:47 am
so skinny ♪ skinny in the house! >> can i just say, we love the willis. >> willis, once again in heat this morning for "the skinny." >> happy valentine's day, willis. >> thank you. >> have a hot date, willis? >> of course he does. what? it's willis. come on. >> yeah. okay, time for "the skinny." this is not such good news. apparently lady gaga has torn her labrum, which sounds bad, and it actually is bad. >> i hate it when that happens. >> it's a layer of muscle that helps you hold your hip joint in place. because she's always performing, she's been on tour since we've heard of lady gaga, she's out. no more touring. this is it. she's canceled her entire tour. >> at first yesterday she said it was four or five shows. >> now it's the whole thing. you can get a refund beginning on thursday. 21 dates remaining. her born this way ball tour has been canceled. she needs surgery. so good luck to her.
3:48 am
>> you can imagine, the way she performs and dances, that takes a toll on your body. maybe she's paying a little bit of a price for that. so we wish her a speedy recovery. and moving on here, more news about kate upton, the lovely young lady on the "sports illustrated" cover. i can't get enough of this story. every day -- >> every day, all this week, you have found a reason to get this woman on our show. >> because i'm a journalist. >> with integrity. >> apparently this was the first photo shoot they've ever done in antarctica. and so she was -- this was not some photo-shopped thing. she was down there in all that freezing cold in her bikini and not a lot more. >> making $4 million a day. >> making a ton of money. but she's saying she really did suffer from frostbite. she was worried and her body. she said her body was shutting down during the shoot. she was out there in god knows how cold the temperatures. so she was literally freezing. so don't think that was some weird photo-shopped thing. so she actually was down there in antarctica. they had to do all kinds of things to keep her warm. >> oh, tell me what. >> she did almost have frostbite
3:49 am
she admitted. but hey, anything for the cover shot. >> apparently there were people in charge of warming her up, going out there and rubbing her legs and arms. >> we've all got to get a job in this economy. it's tough work. >> we all need a job. and you're mad that's not yours. >> she was freezing. thank god she had that jacket going. someone could have lost an eye. moving on. >> bada boom. >> moving on. so listen to this. apparently o.j. simpson, as we know, he's in jail, not for murdering his wife. he's in jail because he was convicted of kidnapping in 2008 and armed robbery. anyway, he's in jail and apparently he threw a nice little super bowl party for all the inmates. they all crammed into his 80 square foot cell and he has a television in his cell. television, by the way, which he apparently bought from the store within the prison according to "the new york post." so he's -- it's rough living for o.j. simpson these days.
3:50 am
>> that is ridiculous, that kind of special treatment. in prison. i don't get that. >> he's also known as the godfather. which is kind of weird. >> that's his nickname in prison, the godfather? and he had a super bowl party with a tv he brought from the prison store. i don't understand that. >> and he's also in jail for kidnapping, not murder. in case you missed that. >> exactly. oh, man. oh, man. i don't understand that. >> and we're done. >> i'm glad we took a stab at that story. we'll be back. stay with us, everybody. that story. we'll be back. stay with us, everybody. ♪
3:51 am
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and we got onesies. sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it. just kidding. that's our tide. what's yours? ♪ hey bird dog you're on the wrong trail ♪ so you may have seen the dog world's newest star, banana joe, a little affenpinscher, he won best in show at westminster. >> many of my colleagues who clearly are dog people, they love the imperfections in their own dogs. abc's nick watt gave us an award
3:54 am
for the dogs that are best in life. >> there's oakley! >> reporter: 2,700 purebred fur balls were vying for that coveted title best in show. >> banana joe. >> reporter: little banana joe crowned top dog. good for him. if you like that sort of thing. as far as i'm concerned, you can keep your fancy pants dog. dogs like dexter, they're the true heroes, the real dogs of this country. so we decided to have our own awards, the best dogs in america. you sent us hundreds of nominees. small dogs, smiley dogs and oh, so many in costume. the most competitive category, the most athletic. our judges ruling? baxter, the jet-skiing labradoodle runs away with it. they say dog show people often look like their animals, and so do some of you. moving on to talent. the tie between mya, the dog dog walker and paige, who tackles the laundry.
3:55 am
and groceries. a for effort to riley, a pugly pooch who can eventually roll over. now those owners at westminster got their pooches to primp and pose for prizes. for most people, there's a much better reason. why did you get a dog? >> just really wanted the companionship. moved into an apartment by myself, so just really wanted that companionship. >> reporter: dexter, runner up in our best companion class. the winner is cooper, holding hands with madeleine, both asleep, on the long ride home. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> one of our official "world news now" dogs, the champion toy chewer. here's riley doing what he likes to do best. no, it's not a cat. it's actually a stuffed tiger, or at least it used to be. he's a cutie pie. >> that belongs to our producer,
3:56 am
suzanne. she loves her dog. as do most of the folks on the staff. so glad she shared that. >> he's 80 pounds, he's a big boy. he's a mix and absolutely adorable. he reminds me of my doggie. >> and who is your doggie? >> she's also a mutt. her name is cookie. >> cookie.
3:57 am
3:58 am
making news in america this morning, some harrowing, new details. >> the couple taken hostage by christopher dorner is telling their story. they say they were kept at gunpoint and were sure they would be killed. also, the end is finally near for more than 4,200 people onboard that cruise ship in the gulf. we have a bird's-eye view of the ship expected back in port today. and breaking overnight,
3:59 am
historymaking olympian, oscar pistorius, is under arrest for shooting his girlfriend. was it a valentine's surprise gone wrong? and miss america is on the move again. the pageant is leaving las vegas for a more traditional home. good morning, everybody. happy valentine's day, as well. there are plenty of new details this morning about what's believed to be the last hours of suspected cop-killer christopher dorner's life. >> police say they did not purposefully set fire to the cabin where it's thought he died. and now, we've heard from the couple that dorner held hostage. >> did you think he was going to kill you then? >> not -- well -- >> when he had me laying on the ground, yes, i really did. >> reporter: jim and karen reynolds have a harrowing tale to tell. >> he had his gun drawn the whole time. >> had the gun drawn. >> did you know it was him? >> yes.

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